Exhibition Timeline 37: The 2nd weekend constructing

IMG_8390  Here Lexi is working on wiring together a broken vase for suspending in a stern space

IMG_8396  This is how far we built the stern by the end of the 1st day.

IMG_8394  The bow section and beginning on the alcove section.

IMG_8397IMG_8398  Two views of the build out in the alcove.

IMG_8400 IMG_8401 IMG_8402  These shots are a look around the stern, 2nd day of construction.

IMG_8406  View of bow point with the developing memory space.

IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8409  Another view of the bow along with shots of the other two developing memory spaces.

IMG_8411  The bow and alcove.

IMG_8412  Bow and stern, end of third day constructing.

IMG_8413 IMG_8414  On the starboard side, between the alcove and stern sections, my design includes a small slice of ship hull sneaking into a corner of a front gallery.  Here you can see how we built it in place.

IMG_8415  Thank you Lexi.

IMG_8416 IMG_8417  These are shots showing one of the stern spaces with suspended objects.  This is where we wound up the fourth day constructing on the second weekend.


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