Exhibition Final: Images of the work

IMG_8526  My wall text for the show.

IMG_8523 IMG_8529  These are wall displayed sculptures made from various found objects and bonding agents,

IMG_8799  The concept drawings for the Memory Ship installation.

IMG_8798 IMG_8800  Welded steel sculptures.

And, the Memory Ship:

02_Port_Panorama  Port side panorama view showing the bow and stern.

01_Starboard_Panorama  Starboard side panorama view showing the bow point, a portion inside the alcove gallery, a slice that intrudes, and the stern.

03_Bow  Port side of bow section, you can see two of the memory space openings.

04_Bow_Alcove  Starboard side showing the bow and a portion of the installation in the alcove gallery.

05_Bow_Alcove2  Starboard side where you see more of the alcove gallery section.

07_Stern  Port side stern section.  An opening to a memory space is seen.

08_Bow_1st_Space  Bow section, 1st memory space.

09_Bow_2nd_Space  Bow section, 2nd memory space.

10_Bow_3rd_Space  Bow section, 3rd memory space.

11_Alcove_1st_Space  Alcove gallery section, 1st memory space.

12_Alcove_2nd_Space  Alcove gallery section, 2nd memory space.

13_Stern_1st_Space  Stern section, 1st memory space.

14_Stern_2nd_Space  Stern section, 2nd memory space.



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