Exhibition Timeline 39: 4th Weekend of building and the OPENING

During the week before the opening, Lexi continued to add small boards to the hull to gap-fill places.  I did not want viewers to look through unintentional places, and she had an excellent handle on the overall look.

My work, when I drove up Thursday the 6th, was to continue on the hull as well.  Lexi did an excellent job.  I had to complete the stern memory spaces.

IMG_8456  Setting up the final stern space required a great deal of time.  I had to make numerous changes to the objects, switching out material, moving objects to different stands until I was satisfied with the metaphorical makeup.

Now……..on with the opening……….  It was a wonderful party!  The Executive Director said over 100 people were in attendance.  She gave Lexi a museum membership for all her hard work.

IMG_8504  I gave a gallery talk.  Since this was the first installation for the museum, I discussed how this kind of work came into being.  I gave some insight into the Memory Ship, but I was more interested in how the folks interpreted the work.

IMG_8496  Lexi in all her pinkness.  I would gladly hire her as a studio assistant.

IMG_8497  My daughter, Sophia.  She helped me during studio fabrication in Savannah.  She also shot the photo of me for the catalog.  Her first published credit.

IMG_8517  Executive Director Elizabeth Goddard and Exhibition Coordinator Ashleigh Payne.  Many thanks for their support.  Elizabeth allowed me to stay and work VERY late.  As long as security personnel were at the Chapman Center, I could continue on the installation.  Her faith in me insured the success of this outrageous project.  Some days were 14 and 16 hours long.  Ashleigh worked hard on the catalog layout.  The printer did not have it produced in time for the opening, but a final draft copy was available at the reception desk, so participants could pre-order.  Through all the discussions over draft proofs, it came out great.

IMG_8494  Jennifer Evins, President of The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg and the Chapman Cultural Center.  A tremendous supporter for the museum in the endeavor of this show.


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